Top 8 Chinese Dog Breeds

Some of the oldest dogs in existence, certain Chinese dog breeds date back for centuries.

From the petite Japanese Chin to the extra large Tibetan Mastiff, Chinese breeds can vary in shape, size and temperament, but they all have rich histories.

Known for their beauty, intelligence and dedication to the humans who take care of them, these eight magnificent Chinese dog breeds are worth knowing and loving:

1. Chinese Crested

Top 10 English Dog Breeds

England is home to more than a few popular breeds - including the Golden Retriever and the Bulldog - giving dog lovers the world over some of their most beloved canines for centuries. Whether you are seeking a dog to go for a romp through the woods or sit at your feet while watching “The Crown,” there is an English breed for every type of person.

1. Beagle 

8 Mountain Dog Breeds

Dogs are amazing creatures that can range from tiny pups perfect for apartment living to colossal canines that yearn to roam the mountainside.

If you’re interested in a larger dog, or simply want to know more about them—including the temperaments and exercise requirements that come with them— these eight magnificent mountain dog breeds are worth knowing:

1. Tibetan Mastiff

10 Official State Dogs

Some states have flowers as their main symbol while other regions have birds to represent their area, but nothing reflects a state’s individuality quite like a state dog.

From the great tundra of Alaska to the marshy lands of Mississippi, state dogs embody the spirit of the states in which they are the official dog. Here are ten official state breeds:

1. Alaska: Alaskan Malamute

6 Dog Breeds Who Will Always Look Like Puppies

With their playful nature, silly expressions, and general way of figuring out the world, puppies are adorable and charming. It always happens, though, after a few months—even the cutest, smallest pup grows up.

Of course, there’s always a new adventure to look forward to no matter how old your pup is, but if you’re looking for a new companion who will always look puppy-like, here are some breeds you can consider.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

8 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

Making messes, running wild and being a little too curious around the house are all behaviors we expect of our beloved pups at one point in time. But which breeds take a bit more effort to manage than the rest? Though the natural instincts of some breeds help them to excel in the field or with properly trained handlers, they may not make the best choice for inexperienced pet parents. While we encourage all prospective pup moms and dads to research which type of pet is best for your family, we share the breeds that could present the biggest challenges for first time owners.

1. Border Collie

Top 7 Mellow Dog Breeds

We all know that our furry friends come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, with temperaments can be as varied as their appearances. Whether you’re looking for the perfect guard dog, a friend to run with you or a furry companion that’s great with kids, there’s bound to be a breed out there with your name on it.

In many cases - especially when kids or elderly people are involved - one trait in particular might come in handy: mellowness. A mellow dog is down for whatever life throws his way. He’s chill and calm, amiable and gentle. If you’re interested in potentially taking home a mellow pup yourself, check out the following breeds that are known for their particular brand of placidness, according to the American Kennel Club.

1. Bulldogs

Top 8 Shaggy Dog Breeds

Households prepping for a new pet are likely to consider many different factors about a breed before deciding which one to bring home. When it comes to dogs, things like whether or not the breed gets along with people, kids and other pets tends to top the list of questions, but another factor often follows closely behind - coat care. While some people love nothing more than a shaggy pup to brush and wash and care for, others might steer clear of a dog whose coat requires quite a lot of attention.

1. Old English Sheepdog

This breed, which originated in England as a herding dog, is known for its profuse coat that acts as insulation. The Old English Sheepdog is energetic, enthusiastic and strong. These dogs are athletic, needing regular exercise and a job to do. While the breed is affectionate with family members, it may try herding both people and objects because of its strong herding instincts.

2. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a herding dog from Poland. The breed has a long, thick, shaggy, double coat with a protective coat covering its forehead, cheeks and chin. Born workers, these active dogs need regular exercise and activity.

3. Briard

Originally used to herd flocks and guard property in France, the Briard has a long, protective, shaggy coat. Briards are independent thinkers and are very sensitive to their families’ feelings. They need a good deal of exercise, preferably in a fenced yard where they can run freely.

4. Pyrenean Shepherd
Sheepherders from Southern France, the Pyrenean Shepherd is cheerful and especially sensitive to their owner’s mood. The breed has stamina and needs activity to be happy, and the rough-faced coat of the Pyrenean Shepherd can be long and wavy.

5. Berger Picard

The Berger Picard is an active, athletic herding dog from France. Its weatherproof coat - which consists of a shaggy, wiry topcoat and short, dense undercoat - protects it from the elements while working. The Berger Picard has stamina and drive for a long day’s work, so these dogs need daily exercise and a job to do to be happy.

6. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie originated in Scotland as a sheepdog that worked in cold, wet climates and rocky terrain of the country. The breed is protected from the elements by a harsh, shaggy, flat double coat. The Bearded Collie is known for its bouncy, carefree attitude. It’s a very affectionate, outgoing dog and its active nature requires daily exercise.

7. Spanish Water Dog

A versatile herder and water retriever from Spain, the Spanish Water Dog has a distinctive curly coat that hangs in natural curls all over the body. The breed thrives on human attention and tends to become attached to a specific person. The Spanish Water Dog does best with active families, as the breed has a ton of energy and needs a great deal of exercise.

8. Otterhound
Originally bred to hunt otters in England, the Otterhound has a rough double coat that is water resistant, which helped the breed during its early days hunting in the water. These dogs are friendly, sociable and have a sense of humor. They have a high activity level and need daily exercise, such as jogging and running in a fenced-in yard.

10 Best Dog Breeds For Singles

Best Dogs for Singletons

No matter what lifestyle magazines or nagging aunts hell bent on getting you to settle down may say, being single is awesome.

And even if you don’t have a significant other in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your best friend by your side. A furry, adorable best friend who loves you unconditionally no less.

While all dogs make great companions, some pups are better suited for a single person.

After you’ve assessed your lifestyle, it’s time to find the breed that’s best for you. Recommends these 10 dog breeds for singles and shares why they make such ideal partners:

1. French Bulldog