Top 6 Deceptively Docile Dog Breeds

You know how the saying goes: Never judge a book by its cover. The same can be said of dogs, believe it or not. While some breeds may appear rough and tumble from the outside, you might actually be surprised how many of those breeds that appear menacing are, in fact, quite calm, given them proper amount of attention, training and exercise.

We share some of the most popular “deceptively docile” dog breeds are. Here’s a list of the top six.

1. Great Dane

With their large and strong build, Great Danes may appear intimidating at first, but the breed makes great family pets, needing minimal grooming and daily exercise. However, like every dog, these dogs are still a big commitment, and will need proper training.

2. Mastiff

Although they’re one of the biggest breeds, Mastiffs are actually gentle and loyal companions to their owners. They love being around people, and tend to bond closely with their families.

3. Saint Bernard

Powerful and muscular are two words that might seem obvious to call a Saint Bernard - but did you know they also have a mellow temperament, do really well with children and make great family pets?

4. Leonberger

The Leonberger is often compared to a lion, although in actuality they are known for their calm, gentle and sweet nature. They are friendly and love kids, and have a profuse coat that tends to shed lots.

5. Newfoundland

Another breed known for its large size, Newfoundlands are incredible workers with sweet dispositions and a tendency towards being a devoted companion.

6. Irish Wolfhound
Large, muscular and the tallest of dogs, Irish Wolfhounds are really quite loving. Though originally bred for hunting wolves and elk, today they make great family pets.
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