Top 10 Pampered Dog Breeds

These pups tend to get the royal treatment from their owners.

Pampered Pooches Unite
If you think your dog is a pampered pooch, you’re not alone. The ongoing trend of pet humanization contributes to the pampering of our dogs, from grooming to photo shoots. These ten dog breeds seem to be reaping the benefit of pet pampering the most.

1. Poodle

Top 10 Water-Loving Dog Breeds

These pups are more than happy and ready to splish-splash!

Counting down the days till you can hit the beach this summer? Your dog may be right there with you; ready to leap into the first body of water it can find.

Whether or not they love the water today, certain breeds, based on their ancestry and history, were built for it and may continue to share your fondness for a good swim. Here are the top water-loving breeds.

1. Irish Water Spaniel

Top 6 Short-Legged Dog Breeds

Most dog lovers can’t get enough of pups with teeny tiny paws and short, stubby legs, but have you ever stopped to wonder why these breeds have such small legs? We share some popular short-legged dogs and the history of their tiny statures.

1. Dachshund

Top 6 Unique Looking Dog Breeds

Though we love our “muttigrees” for their individual personalities and varied good looks, there are some breeds that take unique to an entirely new level.

The most important part of finding the pet for you is committing to a critter who will become a true part of your family.

1. Xoloitzcuintli

Top 8 Affectionate Dog Breeds

These pups will smother you with love.

Which are the most affectionate dog breeds out there? Our expert picks may surprise you! We all know how loveable and family-friendly Golden and Labrador Retrievers, but what about all of the other wonderfully affectionate breeds out there?

We’ve rounded up some dogs both big and small just waiting for a good hug.

Did we forget any affectionate dog breeds? Feel free to comment and add to the list below.

1. Bichon Frisé

Top 8 Curly-Coated Dog Breeds

Learn more some popular curly-coated dog breeds in addition to some tips on how to properly care for wavy-haired coats.

Looking for a dog breed with a minimal-shedding coat and great-looking curls? We share some popular curly-coated dog breeds.

1. Curly-Coated Retriever

Top 8 Dog Breeds That Love Cats

These canines are defying stereotypes with their feline friends.

While it may seem like cats and dogs could never co-exist, there are several breeds that can live harmoniously with their family’s feline counterparts and even, dare we say, learn to love cats. Here are the top breeds that can tolerate cats.

1. Sussex Spaniel